Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Leilah Schmidt

Leilah Schmidt is being recognized for student of the week for her love of learning and doing it with a smile on her face. She’s always eager to soak up new knowledge and share her discoveries with others. Setting personal goals is her forte, and she tackles them head-on, especially evident in her impressive improvement in reading while at our school. In the classroom, Leilah’s enthusiasm is contagious. She’s always ready to participate and treats everyone with kindness. Outgoing and full of stories, she can chat endlessly about her latest crush, and she’s a pro at Fortnite. And as for salmon, well, Leilah’s sworn it off for good. Her room is her sanctuary, a cozy space where she feels safe and at ease, ready to take on whatever challenges come her way. Congratulations Leilah, Canyon View has been a happier place with you here!


Dacen Kelly

Dacen Kelly is being recognized for student of the week for his endless positive attitude and ability to work hard. He is the ultimate Canyon View fan, finding his groove in the heart of our school community. When it comes to movies, you can bet he’s all about the Fast and Furious saga, revving up his excitement with each high-speed chase and epic stunt. At home, Dacen’s all about that chill life, kicking back and soaking in the good vibes. Don’t let his relaxed vibe fool you—this guy’s all about staying active. PE is his jam, with basketball being his game of choice for those high-flying thrills. Dacen’s the class clown, always ready with a joke or a witty quip to keep the mood light. Whether he’s cracking jokes with his crew or battling it out on the latest video game, his laughter and fun-loving nature are infectious, turning any hangout into a memorable party. Congratulations Dacen, your infectious personality has made our classrooms an enjoyable place to be.




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