Canyon View Middle School Students of the Week


Hunter Leffler

Hunter worked super hard last year to become an A student and continues to work to maintain that drive. He is kind and thoughtful in how he treats his peers, but watch out for that cunning sense of humor! Hunter is passionate about cars whether it’s building massive hot wheel tracks at home, watching Hyperdrive, or Need for Speed. At school, he’s always ready for a fist bump, a witty joke, or signing autographs from his rising fame on CVMS’s weekly broadcast show. He enjoys Yearbook class, playing football, and pestering his cousins. He has set some fantastic goals for his 8th-grade year and everyone at CVMS can’t wait to see everything Hunter achieves!

Kamron Hanson

Kamron enjoys math but probably can add Exploring Technology to the list because he gets to create awesome elder wands and lightsaber pens! When he’s not creating 3D designs he enjoys playing video games, listening to Marshmello, drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, or watching The Flash. He enjoys strategy games but will choose an audio book over a paper book any day. He has a competitive spirit and aims to do his best in everything he does, which is why he will rock it at Mathlete competitions. He has already accomplished amazing things in his literacy class and with the goals he has set for himself he is sure to succeed at anything he decides to do!

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