Canyon View Wins Junior High/Middle School Year-End Wrestling Tourney


Submitted by a Community Member:

Canyon View Jr. High won the year-end wrestling tournament on Wednesday with 289 points. Mont Harmon Middle School was second with 281, and Helper Middle School was third with 182 points. The tournament was held at Canyon View. The championship matches were as follows:

75 lb. Arie Kranendonk, Helper pinned Hunter Hopes from Mont Harmon.

81 lb. Bryce Judd, Mont Harmon defeated Jaren Allen, San Rafael, 16 to 14

87 lb. Chandler Campbell, Helper pinned McKaden Whiteleather, Mont Harmon

93 lb. Sayer Nelson, Canyon View pinned Carter Sorenson, Mont Harmon

99 lb. Korby Christiansen, San Rafael pinned Dillon Thomas, Mont Harmon

105 lb. Riggs Griffin, Canyon View defeated Trace Funk, San Rafael 10 to 6

111 lb. Bron Gordon, Canyon View pinned Ladd Coyne, Canyon View

118 lb. Ridic Migliori, Helper defeated Bryar Meccarillo, San Rafael 12

to 11

124 lb. Teagen Christman, Canyon View pinned Logan Kepl, Mont Harmon

132 lb. Cale Allred, Canyon View pinned Chris Grant, Mont Harmon

140 lb. Jared Atwood, Helper pinned Brady Boren, Canyon View

148 lb. Braiden Ive, Canyon View pinned Garrison Marquez, Helper

155 lb. Jace Collard, Canyon View pinned Jason Ramirez, Mont Harmon

165 lb. Ryker Larsenm Mont Harmon pinned Kove Johansen, Canyon View

175 lb. Marquies Giroux, San Rafael pinned Brandle Colonna, Mont Harmon

Heavy Weight- Dayton Curtis, Canyon View pinned Patrick Paulk, Mont Harmon

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