Carbon Ambulance Department Trio Highlighted by Commission


Three well-deserving individuals were highlighted as the employees of the month for Carbon County during the commission meeting on Wednesday evening.

Carbon County Human Resources Director Kellie Payne explained that Dave Varner and Travis Gray had been employed with the ambulance department since April of 2022, while Bethany Perea began working with them in May. She expressed the county’s excitement in having them all.

From there, Carbon County Emergency Manager Justin Needles explained the reason for the trio’s nomination. In late July, they had taken a transport up to Utah Valley and, on the return trip, they were right behind a fatal vehicle crash.

On that day, Varner, Gray and Perea made a time-wise decision to act even though the accident happened in a different jurisdiction. The sensitive decision was made to transport a patient that was in critical condition back to Utah Valley. In doing so, they saved the woman’s life.

Needles stated that he wished to recognize them for that, stating that crews make those decisions all of the time. He commended the trio for not worrying about having to be back in town or any of those day-to-day issues, but rather making the best decision for the patient. He acknowledged that it is sometimes hard to receive recognition for situations such as this, but he wanted to tell them that they are amazing in what they do.

Varner, Gray and Perea each spoke, expressing appreciation to the commissioners, those involved and the individual that had nominated them. It was said that the award means a lot to them and that they are all honored to be part of an amazing and elite group.

Each employee also spoke on how amazing the support is from the commission, their fellow staff members, those in the county and their own family.

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