Emery School District Named Most Equitable in the State


According to WalletHub, the personal finance website, the United States is one of the most educated countries in the world. However, the U.S. does not provide the same quality elementary or secondary school education to all students.

“In many states, more affluent school districts receive a greater amount of funding per student than poorer districts, with one estimate claiming that low-income districts are underfunded by around $6,700 per pupil,” WalletHub shared.

With this in mind, those behind WalletHub conducted a study to determine a number of factors in regard to school districts, such as where school funding is distributed most fairly. Each school district was measured based on the average household income and expenditures for the schools per pupil.

The findings showed that the state of Iowa was number one overall for the most equitable school districts. The state of Utah also fared well in the study, with the Emery School District ranking as the top Utah district with a score of 0.44.

The Emery School District had an expenditure for schools per pupil of $12,684 and an income of $61,234. The Carbon School District was found at number 30 on the Utah list, with a score of 26.86, bringing Utah to 18th place overall with a score of 23.35.

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