Carbon Athletes Acknowledged for Academic All-State by School Board


Nine athletes were recognized for achieving Academic All-State for the 2020-21 winter season during the Carbon School Board meeting last week. The following students were brought before the board to be acknowledged for their accomplishments:

Kayla Wilson (drill), Kaylie Sharp (drill), Haylie Powell (girls’ swim), Jenna Birch (girls’ swim), Lizabeth Pugliese (girls’ swim), Kayla Lee (girls’ swim), Easton Horsely (wrestling), PJ Howa (wrestling) and Merrick Morgan (boys’ basketball).

“I think we all recognize that there are a lot of students who excel academically. There are a lot of students who excel athletically. But there is a very small group that can excel academically and athletically,” shared Carbon School Board President Jeff Richens. “We appreciate all your hard work and all you do.”

Superintendent Lance Hatch ended the agenda item with one last comment, “Having participated in athletics myself and having children who do, it’s hard to balance all that. You are missing class to participate and it’s hard to juggle all those responsibilities.”

Athletes eligible for this recognition are senior, varsity athletes that meet the academic index score set by the Utah High School Activities Association or have a 4.0 unweighted GPA.

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