Carbon Baseball All-State Recipients


The 3A All-State athletes were announced on Friday afternoon. Three Carbon High School players were recognized for their great achievements during the 2023-24 season. Maizen Prichard received First Team honors along with thirteen other players throughout the 3A high school teams. Jace Barlow and Rydge Butler were also recognized for a great year, making the Second Team.

Prichard led the Dinos with a 0.429 Batting Average, 10 Stolen Bases, 23 Runs, and 36 Hits. He also led the team with 65 Strikeouts throughout the year on the mound. Prichard finished the year with 18 RBIs, seven Doubles and a 0.940 Fielding Percentage.

Barlow ended the season leading Carbon with a 0.495 On Base Percentage, four Home Runs, 0.990 Fielding Percentage, 0.790 Slugging Percentage, 28 RBIs, 13 Doubles and three Triples. Barlow also had 33 Hits, six Runs and a 0.407 Batting Average. Junior Rydge Butler ended his year with a 0.388 Batting Average, 16 Runs, 26 Hits, 13 RBIs, four Doubles, 0.934 Fielding Percentage, five Stolen Bases and a 0.440 On Base Percentage.

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