Emery Baseball All-State Recipients


Deseret News announced 3A High School Baseball recipients on Friday afternoon. Wade Stilson and Mason Stilson received First Team honors. Kade Larsen made the 3A Second Team and Treven Gilbert made Honorable Mention after a solid year from the Spartan boys.

Wade Stilson ended his fantastic year with a 0.534 Batting Average, 0.616 On Base Percentage, a Home Run, 47 Hits, 37 RBIs, 43 Stolen Bases, 1.97 Earned Run Average, 38 Runs, 0.795 Slugging Percentage, 0.881 Fielding Percentage, 10 Doubles and Five Triples. He also had 78 Strikeouts on the mound throughout the year.

Mason Stilson ended his senior year with a 0.398 Batting Average, 41 Runs, 35 Hits, 13 RBIs, three Doubles, three Triples, 30 Stolen Bases 0.500 Slugging Percentage and a 0.550 On Base Percentage. Kade Larsen finished the year with a 0.359 Batting Average, 38 Hits, 26 RBIs, seven Doubles, Triple, Home Run, 0.976 Fielding Percentage and a 0.512 Slugging Percentage.

Treven Gilbert led the team with 0.988 Fielding Percentage, along with a 0.329 Batting Average, 13 Runs, 28 Hits, 18 RBIs, six Doubles and 23 Strikeouts on the mound.

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