Carbon Boys Volleyball Receive All-State Nods


Photo by Maxwell Misner

On June 26, the Deseret News announced the All-State recipients of the 3A Boys Volleyball Teams. The Carbon Dinos had four recipients in their inaugural 2023-24 year. Each player was voted on by coaches from the other schools. With only seven athletes making each of the teams and 12 making Honorable Mention.

Alexis Bueno, Setter for the Dinos, accomplished the third team nod. The setter is in charge of the “second ball” and has to determine who will play it. Setters help assist their teammates and allow the hitters to do the work to score. The senior had a great year, finishing with 50 Aces, 110 Digs, 180 Assists and 11 Kills.

Zeke Willson, Middle Blocker for Carbon, received third team as well. The Middle Blocker’s main job is to attack and block. Typically, this player hits well in medium-to-perfect situations and can move well along the net, as well as get their hands over onto the opponent’s side of the net while they are blocking. Willson had a solid defensive year with 49 Blocks, 69 Kills, 25 Aces and 19 Digs.

Evan Lancaster, Opposite for the Dinos, would round out the third team All-State Dinos. The Opposites main job is to attack and block. They are less involved in play at lower levels because of the difficulty of back setting to them. This player will be blocking on 60% or more of the plays, since the opposing outside hitters will receive the majority of sets. Lancaster had a fantastic all-around year with 71 Kills, 19 Aces, 44 Blocks, 145 Digs and 133 Assists.

Carter Warburton, Libero for Carbon, received an 3A Honorable Mention. The Liberos’ main job is to serve receive pass, play defense and step in as the backup setter. They are allowed to play for any/all of the six players on the court in the back-row. Depending on the league, one or two liberos may be designated at the beginning of the match and used in any game. Warburton ended his sophomore year with 190 Digs, 23 Aces and 28 Assists.

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