Carbon Medical’s “Movie in the Park” Quickly Turns to “Movie in the Elementary”


Carbon Medical’s “Movie in the Park” quickly turned to “Movie in the Elementary” as, due to some unforeseen rain and thunder, the staff for Carbon Medical had to do some quick thinking and some quick calls.

One of the movie’s coordinators was able to get in touch with an employee with Bruin Point Elementary, who quickly offered the elementary’s auditorium. Carbon Medical quickly packed up the big screen and popcorn and headed down the road. One of the many perks of living in a small town.

Within 10 minutes of arrival, staff was able to get the big screen up and running and hot, fresh popcorn popped for movie goers. Community members packed in their chairs and blankets and enjoyed the free drinks and popcorn, provided by the medical service. The movie of the night was “IF”, a movie about imaginary friends.

Desert Sage Donuts was also in attendance with hot, fresh, mini donuts in powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar and strawberry shortcake.

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