Carbon Caring for Kids Volunteers Praised


With just 10 days left before Christmas, Marcy Loveless of Carbon Caring for Kids announced on Dec. 15 that the Christmas kits are packed and ready to be distributed to the local youngsters.

She stated that she had a helpful group that worked through the cold to finish adding the extra food to the Christmas kits, including a loaf of bread, milk, six pieces of fruit and an extra dinner.

“I don’t even know where to begin in expressing my gratitude for all of you who volunteered to provide the food for these kits, who donated money, who donated food and lots and lots of time,” said Loveless. “We have all walks of life ranging from young to old, to everything in between.”

Loveless then shed some light on the diversity that is coming together for the cause. There is a high schooler that helps each week and buys bread, an older couple that packages cereal each week, many different religious groups that have donated their time and money, including the Price Chapel, Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Assumption, as well as youth groups from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

There are many different schools that have ran food drives, such as Castle Heights, USU Eastern and Sally Mauro. There are many that donate monthly via checks or Venmo, KOAL and ETV News who help get the word out, three women that assist Loveless in facilitating the packing of kits, and hundreds of volunteers.

Continuing, Loveless highlighted teachers, counselors and parents that help deliver the kits to the schools, individuals that put fun treats in the kits for holidays, and companies that donate funds.

“Everything we do is possible because of all of these examples,” said Loveless. “I am probably missing someone, but know that we are extremely grateful for you all. Have a merry Christmas!”

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