Possible Pickleball Courts in Helper Discussed


The topic of a possible pickleball court in Helper City was brought to the table during the council meeting that took place on Thursday evening. Councilwoman Michelle Goldsmith took the helm for this conversation, stating that she had a citizen reach out and ask that a court be added.

Councilwoman Goldsmith read from a submission regarding pickleball, in which it was stated that it can be played by all and it is a greet way to meet people.

Councilwoman Goldsmith spoke with Mike Mastin, Helper City Public Works Director, who stated that he felt that they should get council approval before lines are painted for the court. Mastin mentioned a conflict that was presented when he worked for Price City, with lines being painted on the tennis courts, prompting parents of tennis players to become upset.

Mastin also said that he was concerned with the proposal of the lines being painted at the Locust Street Park as there are already plans there for both a skate park and an all-access playground. He is worried that the park will become too cluttered.

It was also stated that in the summer, oftentimes all three of the pickleball courts that are located in Price are being used. It was suggested that the lines could also be taped instead of painted for the time being.

Councilman Dave Dornan said that he does not believe that this is a topic that it is imminent to answer as the weather is prohibiting the plans to progress. Ultimately, it was decided that this can be decided in the spring, and was tabled until March.

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