Carbon Commissioners Present Update Report for 2023


The Carbon County Commissioners hosted their first 2024 meeting on Wednesday evening. Before concluding, the commissioners presented an update on many things that took place in the 2023 year.

Commissioner Tony Martines began with the access agreement with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) for studying the road between Martin and Carbonville. Commissioner Martines acknowledged that many were concerned about the possibility of roundabouts, stoplights, overpasses and other possible options.

One thing that he stressed is that they are simply beginning to talk about solutions. He stated that he does not know if there is a right solution, but it is something that they do not wish to neglect. There is an attempt to adjust and see what the best solution moving forward would be.

The commissioner then turned his attention to the new Association of Governments building on Fairgrounds Road for the Southeastern Regional Development Agency (SERDA). He credited it as a great facility for them and the services they provide, such as weatherization, the food bank, loan programs to help businesses and much more. From there, he highlighted the new tourism kiosks and wayfinding signs around the area.

Next, the resolution supporting energy development was discussed. Commissioner Martines stated that they are standing up and saying that nuclear is something they would be able to support. It is not a means to step on or shut down other energy industries, but is a way to ensure that Carbon County always desires to be an energy corridor.

Commissioner Casey Hopes said this year, a lot of work was put in by the tourism department. There was a highly successful SPX tournament that brought many to the area, along with similar events promoting the tourism opportunities and efforts of the county.

This year, the county was able to receive a grant for the Carbon County Airport to add to the USU Eastern offerings out there. The flight program was brought in a few years ago and it is maxed out. There is a need for a maintenance repair operation at the airport, which would bring additional jobs and be a place for the mechanics to work once they obtain their degree.

The commissioners continued to bring attention to the many opportunities, efforts and avenues that were presented or brought forth during the 2023 year, showcasing the combined efforts of the hardworking citizens and employees of the area.

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