Carbon County Commission Approves Cold Springs Burn


Carbon County Commissioners Jae Potter, John Jones and Mike Milovich debated Wednesday the merits of burning woodlands around the Cold Spring area.

Commissioner Jones said, “We will continue to attack and burn our forest, it just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Despite Jones’ protests, a plan to burn approximately 703 acres from July 10-13 was approved. The burn would be conducted via hand ignition rather than helicopter because of concerns about fires in New Mexico and Arizona.

Locals would also be notified of the burn the day before crews begin work.

In other business, The Commission discussed the approval of State DHS contracts for the Children’s Justice Center. The State would increase funding for the Center by about $7,000 per year.

The contract would also extend the shelter’s stay-limit to 14 days per child. The new agreement took effect on Friday.

The Commission also approved Oceana’s bid for $42,500 to paint the fairground’s grandstand and fence.

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