Carbon County Commissioners Consider Community Covenant


During the meeting on Wednesday, Lt. Williams with the Utah National Guard presented the idea of a County Community Covenant to the Carbon County Commissioners.

“The Community Covenant is a federally funded program that encourages communities to band together and show support for the armed forces,” said Williams. “The grassroots efforts can be a great support system for the families of those who are currently serving, and the veterans who have served our country.”

In years past the Community Covenant has focused on individual municipalities and are now looking for entire counties to take a stand and say they support the program.

“I can tell you we all support the military and those who serve, but what is it you want us to do? What position can we play in this,” asked Commissioner John Jones.

“Many feed off of their individual communities’ needs and decipher what would be beneficial to the soldiers’ families and veterans,” responded Williams.

Williams continued to explain that the covenant not only symbolizes support but also inspires community residents to lend a helping hand.

“We could do community breakfasts and team up with other cities in the county who are already supporters of the program,” said Commissioner Jae Potter.

All Commissioners were in support of the program and are ready to take the next step after further information is received from Lt. Williams.

“We support the military and we want to look forward to furthering our support efforts,” said Jones.

Other notes from Wednesday’s Commission Meeting:

1.a seal bid was discussed for an ATV side by side at the Fairgrounds. One was submitted from Rocky Mountain ATV and the other was from Tony Basso ATV and RV. Commissioners requested both bids be reviewed by the Fairgrounds department

2.The standard cooperative agreement with USU Eastern presented by Ellen Serfustini was renewed.

3.AВ request for a donation to support the Graduation Spectacular event held at USU Eastern in the amount of $500 was approved.

4.Deborah Kobe Director of the Carbon County Senior Center was named County Employee of the Month.

5.The Smuin,Rich and Marsing accounting firm presented a five year contract to perform the county audit. Jones moved to approve a В three year binding contract with the firm, Hopes seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

6.Further consideration to terminate the addition of garbage services from the Scofield Special Service District was approved.

7.Bill Bates presented the DWR PILT payment in the amount of $6400 to the Commission. The taxes are from the 15,000 acres owned by the DWR in Gordon Creek, Cold Springs, Lower Fish Creek, and a small area along the Price River. Bates stated the funds to pay the taxes came from fishing and hunting licenses purchased in the area. He said 22.6% of the Carbon County population purchased a fishing license in 2012 and %15 purchased a hunting license.

8.Attorneys Robert Oliver and Thomas Sitterud approached the council regarding the public defender contract. Currently David Allred serves as the Carbon County Public Defender but his term ended in January. The commission expressed interest in opening the contract up to the public in the RFP process. Jones moved to do so, Hopes seconded the motion and all were in favor.

9.Perkie Travel and Active Re-entry requested $31,000 to purchase a new van to transport patients to and from their cancer treatments. The Rec department agreed to pay for the new van and would reimburse the County. Jones moved to approve the funds, Hopes seconded and all were in favor.


The next Carbon County Commission meeting will be held on February 19 at 4:30p.m.


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