USU Eastern Ratchets up Recruiting Efforts with Fun and Incentives


Tuesday night, Carbon and Emery High seniors, parents and all community members thinking of heading to classes next fall were invited to an Admissions and Scholarship open house. It was the final event sponsored by USU Eastern out of four held around the state.

Greg Dart, Director of Enrollment Management, explained that this effort was part of a new, three pronged plan to increase enrollment on the campus. The school has already offered similar events in Layton, Sandy and Orem.

Students interested in attending classes could receive information on a multitude of scholarships that are available. If they also came with their high school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores they could walk away with the $40 admissions fee waives and be admitted for fall session.

This event is part of the bigger focus to increase student enrollment. Targeting the local high schools of Carbon, Emery, Grand Pinnacle and the Light House and letting the students know they are truly wanted is just one prong of the total package.

The second focus is targeting new markets for students outside the area. Traditionally USU Eastern has looked at areas that border our region such as Colorado, Arizona and Idaho. But e-school is reaching out into places like Alaska, California and Hawaii for students. There has also been a much stronger recruiting presence along the Wasatch front than in previous years.

The final prong in the plan is to look at recapturing the working and non-traditional students that are 10 years or more removed from attending high school or college classes. Dart recognizes that the institution needs to do a better job of accommodating the more unique needs of that group. In that vein, more core classes will be held in the evenings and on-line to make it more convenient to complete a degree. The college is prepared to be more flexible in finding ways to help all their students find the path to getting their degree while remaining the best value for their educational dollar.

Dart has only been at USU Eastern for about seven months and is committed to finding ways toВ reach out to students with a more personal approach. They will be rolling out a recruiting campaign with texts, e-mails, videos and visits to high schools throughout the west and beyond.


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