Carbon County Commissioners Receive Input for Better Community Outreach


Michelle Goldsmith, Communications Expert for the Helper Revitalization Committee, took time to approach the Carbon County Commissioners during their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday evening. Goldsmith wanted to speak with the commissioners on ways that they can better communicate with the residents and businesses of Carbon County.

Goldsmith pointed out that she had been asked to attend a planning and zoning meeting that the commissioners hosted one evening. During this meeting, according to her, there were around four or five people in attendance. Subsequently, she pointed out that during a planning and zoning meeting she attended in Helper, the crowd boasted at least 30 residents and business owners.

To Goldsmith, the reason for this difference in attendance is largely due to the fact that Helper City emphasizes communication. Goldsmith also stressed the fact that the representatives from Helper and Carbon County do not attend each other’s events and meetings enough. Goldsmith urged the commissioners to consider more advertising for events and meetings, such as flyers, social media posts and the like.

The commissioners then recognized that they could do better in communication and informed Goldsmith that this is an issue they have discussed amongst themselves before. In fact, when they approached the need for a new commission secretary, they stressed that the individual would need PR experience.

“Hopefully, you can expect to see more communication from us for future projects,” Mellor stated.

It was then pointed out that, when a recent survey needed answers, the commissioners had pushed through Facebook and requested for it to be shared among the community. They then collectively thanked Goldsmith for her input.

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