Carbon County Employees Deck the Halls with 2nd Annual Carbon County Christmas Tree Program


Press Release

The Carbon County Administration Building has decked the halls this holiday season with its 2nd Annual Carbon County Christmas Tree Program.

It was decided that four trees would be decorated and donated to four families chosen through the Carbon County Children’s Justice Center and Family Support program. The entire program started with a vision, then a two person committee hit the floor running to develop a plan to bring that vision to life.

Four committees consisting of county departments were assigned to each tree. The trees were provided by the county and each committee purchased the decorations our of their own pockets. Several county departments signed up and were drawn randomly to work together. Each tree committee came up with a theme and assigned responsibilities to every member. Some employees donated cash, others bought the decorations and all of the members came together to decorate the trees.

“I enjoyed watching each committee work together and the pride each member took in their Christmas tree,” said Carbon County HR Director Rose Barnes. “Knowing each one would go to a family in need, I am very grateful to our employees for helping this project become a tradition each year at the county.”

Of course, the competitive nature came out of all the employees involved when they were told there would be a contest from the most creative trees. The prize: bragging rights in the break room.

Each of the four committees followed a specific theme that was unique to their groups’ tree: “Willy Wonka,” “Disney,” “Santa’s Coming to Town” and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

In the end, the Willy Wonka Christmas tree had the winning golden ticket and that committee has bragging rights for one year. Although, few members of the other committees have said they already have a plan to steal that No. 1 spot next year.

All four Christmas trees will be delivered to their families starting Tuesday December 5 by Carbon County Commissioner Casey Hopes and county employees; Nick Fister, Cody Allred, Shelley Wright & Brenda Pappas.

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