Carbon County Historical Society Hosts Show-and-Tell


The inaugural meeting for the Carbon County Historical Society in 2024 was kicked off by the election of the new director. This honor went to Dean Marchello, whose first official act was to inform the society members of some of the activities they will engage in for the year, including a number of field trips.

This month’s meeting was featured in a show-and-tell format, giving members the opportunity to share items and memories from the past. Historical Society members were encouraged to participate by bringing items, photos and more from the past in Carbon County, while also being ready to tell about them.

“Please bring something of yours from days past that will make members say ‘what is that’ or ‘I remember using one of those,'” the society recommended. “Let’s make this a great meeting and one that everyone can get involved in.”

Items brought ranged from a collection of old license plates, photographs, dishes, items used within various industries and more. This meeting also acted as a potluck, and members were invited to bring a dish to go along with the provided meat trays and rolls as the main dish.

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