Carbon County Needs You: Help Needed for Fossil Fuel Conference


How does one go about planning a conference in which the next generation of fossil fuels will be discussed and where 600-700 individuals from leading companies around the nation and even internationally will be in attendance?

The first domino to finding the answer fell last Wednesday as members of the community and others met in the Carbon County Commission Conference Room to discuss such an upcoming event.

The conference, christened “The Next Generation With Fossil Fuel ‘Where No One’s Gone Before,’” is slated to take place in June and is proposed to attract nearly 600 individuals from various companies and bring them to Carbon County for a conference and, hopefully, to bring business to the area as well.

Tami Ursenbach, Carbon County’s Director of Economic Development, remains excited and hopeful that the conference will be able to do just that for an area that has felt the dull ache from a war on fossil fuels.

To help coordinate the conference, however, sub-committees are needed to assist in a variety of tasks, as needed. Sub-committees number over 30 and range from helping to oversee the event’s budget and customer service to technical matters such as sound and lighting and even grant writing.

“It went well,” Ursenbach said in regards to the inaugural meeting, “People were very excited.”

Talk buzzed in the conference room on a variety of topics and projects needed to be put into action, including town beautification to ensure the community is seen as inviting. Help is also needed in a competition at the conference where entrepreneurs may present new products in the realm of fossil fuels and, if chosen, be named the recipient of a cash prize as well as the chance to be paired with a top company to be mentored and started, hopefully in Castle Country.

To make the event a success, much help is still needed in a wide variety of realms.

Interested persons in helping the event and working on a sub-committee are encouraged to contact Ursenbach by either calling the Carbon County Economic Development Office at (435) 636-3295 or Ursenbach directly at (435) 630-5567, or for a more expedited response, persons are encouraged to email Ursenbach at

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