Carbon County Receives Trust Accountability Program Award at Commission Meeting


Carbon County was praised at the Carbon County Commission meeting that took place on Wednesday evening as Doug Folsom, loss control consultant with the Utah Local Government Trust, presented an award to the county.

Folsom has worked with Carbon County off and on over the years on loss prevention. There is a particular program called the Trust Accountability Program (TAP), which has been implemented for about three years now and has an award that goes along with it. The program helps members implement practices to promote safe operations and avoid liabilities. There are about 75 entities that complete the TAP award, which is a minority of the membership.

In 2015, Carbon County was a part of the group that completed the TAP award. The primary purpose of Folsom being at the commission meeting was to thank Carbon County for its support of the program. The program puts an emphasis on safety. To be a part of the program, there must be a safety committee that identifies causes. There are also programs that involve getting injured employees back to work as soon as possible.

It also ensures that there are safe drivers that drive county vehicles. A great thing that goes along with the TAP program is that going forward, there will be additional discounts on workers compensation for up to three consecutive years as long as the county is still complying with the TAP program.

The program was presented to local member Don Johnson. Folsom stated that he would like to thank Johnson for his efforts and safety. He then stated that Rose Barnes has also been a pleasure to work with. There is a cash award that is also presented with the TAP program, which is around $4,000.

“I lean on those guys heavily for a lot of things,” stated Johnson while receiving the award.

The commissioners then thanked Johnson for assisting in making the TAP program such a success in the county.

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