Carbon County Shifts to Moderate Transmission Level for COVID-19


Carbon County has shifted from low to moderate for COVID-19 transmission, joining Grand County, the Southeast Utah Health Department announced on Thursday evening. Emery County remains in the low transmission level.

In the past three days, Carbon County has tallied four new cases of the virus. Grand County has had 13 reported cases while Emery County has recorded just one. Carbon County currently has 28 active cases of the virus while Emery county has just six. Grand County is leading the region with 52 active cases.

There is only one regional hospitalization due to COVID-19. This patient is an Emery County resident. The region has recorded 28 deaths associated to COVID-19, including 16 in Carbon County, nine in Emery County and three in Grand County.

While the Southeast Utah Health Department actively tracks emerging COVID-19 cases, distribution of the vaccine continues. As of Friday morning, 9,336 patients have been fully vaccinated against the virus. In total, 13,402 have received their first dose.

On a statewide basis, the 14-day case rate per 100,000 is 172.1. ICU utilization for COVID-19 is 11.4% and 1,133,775 prime dose of the vaccine have been allocated.

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