Carbon County Tourism Super Service Award Recipient for June Announced


For the month of June, the Carbon County Tourism Super Service Award was given to Stuart Burgess of Starbucks in Lins. During the recognition, which took place during the Wednesday evening commission meeting, Tourism Specialist Tina Grange spoke of Burgess’s accolades.

Reading from the nomination, Grange stated that every morning, Burgess greets customers cheerfully. The kindness and positive energy that is given out by Burgess is credited as truly refreshing, making each visit to Starbucks great.

The nominee expressed that they love to start the day with Burgess’s warm welcome and believe that this honor is very deserved. In going through town, Grange was told once again what a great employee and a gift to the community Burgess is. Grange said that though this was her first day meeting Burgess, she could tell over the phone that the compliments were true.

Burgess accepted the nomination and was gifted with both a certificate and gift card to use around the area.

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