Carbon High Students Celebrate a Prom One Year After COVID-19 Shutdown *Photo Gallery*


By Madalyn Johnson

The Carbon School District released a public announcement on March 12, 2020 stating the actions it would take to preserve student safety and protect against COVID-19 transmission. That announcement would eventually manifest to the last quarter of the school year being held virtually. 

Just over a year later, Carbon High students were rewarded with the promise of a prom, however unconventional.

The Carbon High junior and senior prom, themed “Enchanted Fairytale Garden,” was hosted on March 20, 2021 at the high school. A vital prerequisite for attendance was a negative COVID-19 test. In addition, masks were part of the dress code.

As a result of the national shutdown, last year’s juniors were unable to have their prom. In hopes of making up for that fact, this year’s prom honored both juniors and seniors. Separate promenades were held and two different courts were crowned. Junior court royalty are as listed: Queen, Kaydance Scovill; Queen 1st Attendant, Mollie Horsley; Queen 2nd Attendant, Molly Banks; King, Jace Rutherford; King 1st Attendant, Kobe Cruz; and King 2nd Attendant, Garrett Bryner. For the senior court royalty, Raegan Smuin was crowned Prom Queen, Makenna Blanc as Queen 1st Attendant, Kaylie Sharp as Queen 2nd Attendant, Easton Horsely as Prom King, Ty Johnson as King 1st Attendant and Jordan Wright as King 2nd Attendant.

A prom was only an uncertain possibility throughout much of the school year. All other dances were cancelled in response to the pandemic, and it was likely that prom would befall the same unfortunate fate. However, a prom was approved in January, and the preparations began in full force. Jarad Hardy, one of Carbon High’s vice principals, stated, “We had to come up with a plan to take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. We are so excited to be able to have a prom this year. If this year has taught us anything, it is not to take things for granted.”

Gabriella Christensen, CHS senior class president, stated, “Carbon High getting a prom is both exhilarating and remarkable due to the circumstances we have been faced with in the past year. After all of the disappointment of prom getting cancelled last year and the inability to have any dances this year, prom is something that we all have been looking forward to. COVID-19 has taken a lot of our usual high school experiences from us, so us being able to continue forward with a senior/junior prom is something we are so blessed to have back.”

Mirroring this sentiment, Troy Chilcott, CHS Student Government advisor, added, “Despite all of the restrictions that COVID has put before us, we still had a great prom.”

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