Carbon Dinos Trade Blue for Green


Photo courtesy of the Green Team of Carbon County

The Green Team of Carbon County visited Carbon High School (CHS) on Tuesday to award a certificate of recognition to the Dinos.

The group that was recognized consists of President Wyatt Falk, Advisor Donn Jeffs, Savannah Justesen, Allena Ison, Parker Morgan, Jennacie Jeffery and December Jensen. The award was presented to the students by Green Team member Diana Cox.

These Dinos took the initiative to spearhead efforts of the students and faculty in another year of recycling efforts, which have consistently taken place for over a decade.

“Their efforts and accomplishments deserve the recognition and appreciation of not only the Green Team, but of the entire surrounding community for the example they are setting in promoting a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for now and for future generations,” the Green Team shared.

Those that would like to learn more about the recycling efforts that are taking place in Carbon County can follow The Green Team on Facebook.

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