Carbon High Inspires with Video Project


Carbon High’s School CTE Teacher Nick Milovich was welcomed to the Carbon School Board meeting on Wednesday to present the most recent project from his students, a video titled, “Carbon Sports… Carbon Strong.”

At the podium, Milovich explained that the purpose of the project was to recognize the students and athletes of Carbon County for their hard work not only academically, but also athletically.

“It’s always been my hope that a community comes together to support something that has been really near and dear to my heart,” said Milovich. “That is our sporting program at Carbon High School.”

The inspirational video presented by Carbon High School contains a collage of students from each club, organization and sport with a short, moving message to have a positive outlook and to continue to persevere. The 3.5-minute video ends with heartening message from several members of the district’s staff stating, “Together, we are Carbon Sports. Together, we are Carbon Strong.”

The video was posted on Carbon High School’s Facebook page on Jan. 6 and has garnered over 4,000 views. To view the video, click here.

After viewing the video, Carbon School District Superintendent Mika Salas expressed that she appreciates all the work Milovich does and recognizes the time and effort the video entailed.

Milovich teaches economics, business management, and accounting 1 and 2 at Carbon High, as well as one of the school’s newest classes, podcasting.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to help my community out. I love Carbon and the kids are something special,” said Milovich.

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