Carbon High’s “Crazy For You” a Crazy Success


The musical’s two leads pose for a picture after the production

For his fourth production at Carbon High School, Steve Pay decided to tackle Gershwin’s musical, “Crazy For You.” The musical showed for a total of five nights and took audience members on a journey from New York to Nevada singing and dancing all the while.

The musical starts with New York banker and Harvard graduate Bobby Child trying his hardest to make his debut on the stage. When his performing dreams lead next to nowhere, his mother sends him to a small town in Nevada to foreclose on a theater. While in the town, Child meets the town’s only woman, Polly Baker. Child then decides to save the town’s theater, which is revealed to belong to Baker and her father. In trying to save the theater, the cast sends audience members on a journey full of laughs, catchy music and plenty of tap dancing. Child ends up traveling back to New York and then to Nevada again before him and Baker are united while love reigns supreme for the cast.

“I love it,” expressed cast member Sarah Clark. “It’s very stressful at times with school and other extra curricular activities but I live for it.” Jaci Bera, who was able to both perform on stage as a cast member and help backstage as a tech team member expressed her feelings as her final production at Carbon High came to a close. “It’s hard,” she said. “It’s one of those situations where you have an extraordinary director and an extraordinary cast.”

At the beginning of the final night’s performance, Pay also expressed his gratitude to the many other people who worked together on the production. Many parents, Carbon School District faculty and community members worked together to make “Crazy For You” a crazy success.

The following photos included are from practice as well as closing night of the musical.

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