Carbon MTB Reigns in Richfield


Photo by Marcy Loveless

By Amy Jespersen

The Carbon Composite mountain bike team found more success when they raced at Richfield over the weekend. The Junior Devo (junior high) team started off strong early Saturday morning with the girls dominating the podiums.

Brynlee Tullis took third place in Beginner Girls while the Smith sisters traded places in their races. Malia placed second and Naomi took the top spot in the Advanced Girls and Intermediate Girls, respectfully. Naomi finished very strong with a minute plus lead over second place. 

The Junior Devo boys continued what the girls started with Grayson Sherman and Matthew Blackburn finishing second and third in Intermediate seventh grade boys. Caden Steele, Spencer Hawley and Reagn Marshall all moved up a significant amount of places in the Intermediate eighth grade race.

Michael Loveless moved up to the Advanced Boys category and as a result, started out dead last. He made up a lot of ground during his race and finished in 14th place. All four boys will be placed closer to the start line for the next race, giving them better positioning.   

The JV-A race proved to be another exciting race for the Carbon Composite team. Tacoma Smith and Andrew Loveless led the field for the first lap with Garrett Murray close behind them. By the second lap, the four-man leader group had a significant lead from the rest of the pack. Smith and Loveless traded places, drafting the group, and in the end, Loveless came out on top with Smith placing fourth and Murray finishing strong in 10th place after crashing twice. 

James Tullis had a great race, moving up from 23rd to ninth place in the JV-B race. Carson Barrett and Carson Palmer both moved up a category from the Price race, which placed them dead last out of a group of 79 riders. Palmer passed 56 riders, finishing in 24th place, and Barrett was able to move up after suffering an injury during the race.

Unfortunately, the girls’ races were cut short and the remaining boys’ races were canceled due to rain and lightning. The team will race again in two weeks at Soldier Hollow.

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