Carbon School Board Plans Policy to Halt Sex Offender Access on School Properties


Photo by Jamie Swank

Carbon School Board is in the process of creating a policy regarding the appropriate occasions when convicted sex offenders are allowed to be on the district’s properties.

During the board meeting on Mar. 13, Superintendent Mika Salas brought a policy to the board for a first reading. Supt. Salas explained that she was approached by a local law enforcement agent who works in Adult Parole and Probation that suggested a written policy regarding the appropriate circumstances when a sexual offender can be on any Carbon School District property.

In the first reading, it was stated that sexual offenders, those required to register with the state due to a conviction for a sexual offense against a child, are not allowed to be in a protected area on foot or in a vehicle except in circumstances where a sex offender must be present in order to carry out necessary parental responsibilities.

The following circumstances where a parent or legal guardian presence is required would be student registration, parent-teacher conferences, a scheduled meeting to consider a student’s Individualized Education Plan, to sign paperwork or provide information, to check out a student or in a medical/health related emergency.

While the sexual offenders are allowed on the property for their parental responsibilities, it is not free rein once on the grounds. The sexual offender will be required to inform the administrator of their presence on the property and they will be accompanied by a district employee. Also, the sexual offender must be in line sight of the district employee at all times.

In the potential policy, it states that parental or legal guardians that are sexual offenders are not allowed to attend school programs, performances, sporting events, school assemblies, graduations ceremonies or any curricular or extracurricular activities where a parent’s presence is not required.

While the policy is specifically meant for parents, Supt. Salas expressed that this is for all sexual offenders, whether they have a child in the district or not.

A motion was made at the end of the meeting to approve the first read of the policy by school board member Keith Cox, with a second motion made by Gwen Callahan.

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