Carbon School District Students Tour USU Eastern


Press Release

Excitement buzzed as third-grade students from the Carbon School District eagerly stepped onto the Utah State University-Eastern campus. The visit, organized by school counselors, aimed to inspire young minds by offering them a glimpse into the world of higher education.

Upon arrival, the students were warmly greeted by university staff who led them through engaging activities designed to ignite their interest in various academic fields. The highlight of the visit was a campus tour, where students participated in interactive discussions and hands-on activities. For instance, in the criminal justice classroom, students learned about fingerprints and crime scene analysis from Professor Scott Henrie. They discovered the importance of evidence in solving problems.

Professor Wayne Hatch introduced the students to different bird characteristics, while Laura Redfield, a graduate assistant, guided them in using Play-Doh to analyze animal prints and scat. The nursing department staff and USU-E athletic coaches organized various relay activities, adding to the day’s excitement. Michael Harris gave the students a tour of the USU library and Makerspace, where each student received 3D-printed animals as souvenirs.

The USU-E dining staff treated the students to a lunch of unlimited pizza. The visit left a lasting impression, inspiring the young students to the possibilities of higher education.

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