Carbon Soccer Improves to 4-0


Photo by Sheremy McEvoy

Carbon Dino Soccer has had an impressive start to the season. On Wednesday, the Dinos would secure their fourth straight region win, this one being over the Richfield Wildcats on their home turf.

With both teams playing tough defense in the first half, neither team could find the back of the net. The story changed in the second half as the Wildcats would score a goal. The Dinos were in rhythm as they had four goals scored to give them the win.

Connor Cunningham had a great game, scoring two of the goals for Carbon. Tyler Morris also scored a goal, leading the team with a goal a game average thus far in the season. Luke Brady had a nice game scoring a goal and getting an assist for his team.

Also getting assists were Tayger Timothy, Logan McEvoy and Ky Earl. Carbon will welcome the Manti Templars to Price today for another region matchup.

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