Cash Reward Offered in Hopes to Find Price Family’s Pit Bulls


Two pit bull dogs went missing from a Price family’s home on DEc. 28. After posting to social media in hopes of someone spotting their two furry companions, owner Regan Allred received a tip that they could have been transported to Colorado to be sold or given to someone else.

A total of $1,000 will be rewarded to anyone who returns the pit bulls or helps lead Allred in the right direction of finding them. A dog from the same litter as Allred’s blue-nosed pit bull happens to be pregnant and is expected to give birth within two weeks. Allred stated on Facebook that the owner of the dog will give a puppy from that litter to the person who may have stolen Allred’s dogs if they are returned.

“No questions asked, no judgement, please just give us our dogs back,” said Allred on her Facebook page in hopes of someone returning her dogs.

Allred encourages individuals to keep a look out around town due to the fact that they could still be running around in Price. “We think they may have been stolen. They don’t run away. But it is possible they are just lost,” she explained.

If you have any information, tips or happen to find the two dogs, please contact Regan at (435) 749-0825 or Randon Timothy at (435) 820-2124.

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