Castle Dale City Council Hears State of the ECSO


By Julie Johansen

Emery County Sheriff Tyson Huntington presented the “State of The Sheriff’s Office” to the Castle Dale City Council at the council’s February meeting on Thursday evening.

The Emery County Task Force has joined with Grand County and acquired the services of a canine officer, Dak. The sheriff continued by reporting the seizure of drugs during 2023, which included 924 pounds of methamphetamine, 103 pounds of cocaine, 97 pounds of fentanyl, 675 pounds of marijuana and 7.5 gallons of PCP, and over $180,000 in cash.

He stated it has been a good year for the Emery County Sheriff’s Office working with Homeland Security and the Utah County Task Force. The number of state inmates housed in Emery County has also increased during 2023, which brings more funds to the county.

Also during the meeting, a motion to include an ATV ride with Castle Dale Days celebration was approved. Les Wilberg spoke about the purposed ride and associated activities. Registration is pending and will become available through Castle Dale City as soon as final plans are designed.

Resolution 2-28-24 was approved by the council, which states Castle Dale City’s policy with regard to donations and fee waivers. A rezoning of north Esquire Parkway from R1-8000 to R2-8000 was also approved following recommendations from the Castle Dale Planning and Zoning Council’s public hearing and votes. An updated and rewritten code book from the planning commission for the city also received approval.

Castle Dale City Maintenance Supervisor Arrien had also rewritten the employee’s handbook, which was welcomed and approved by the council. Arrien reported that new street signs and stickers have been placed in the city.

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