Castle Dale City Council Tables Motion to Rezone


By Julie Johansen

The Castle Dale City Council met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, Nov. 9. As the meeting began, Castle Dale City Zoning Administrator Kerry Lake gave a report from the recent planning and zoning meeting where a new business license was granted to Mont’s Custom Leather.

Lake also reported that the committee is reorganizing and rewriting the zoning ordinances and they should be brought to the council for approval soon. He also mentioned the rezoning that the planning and zoning council had approved. Chairman Ted Allen presented this to the council. It was to change R-1-8000 to R-2-8000, which would allow for duplexes or multiple units to be built in this new zone.

It was the feeling of the planning and zoning council that this would help with the state’s request for affordable housing zoning in each municipality. A public hearing was held and no comments were given at the hearing, so planning and zoning approved the rezoning.

This rezoning of five lots was intended along Esquire Parkway. However, the city council questioned why this was being done by planning and zoning if it had not been requested by an individual. The reply was that it was planning and zoning’s responsibility.

The city council also asked if property owners had been notified. Allen answered that they had been notified but not by certified mail. The city council also questioned what would happen to the value of the property. The answer was that because of business opportunities, the value could raise, but that was doubted by the city council.

Ultimately, the city council tabled the motion to rezone with a vote of three to one, and requested another public hearing. Councilmember Julie Johansen questioned why they had not attended the first public hearing if they had concerns.

Security for the indoor arena was next on the agenda. Brian Christensen presented information on locks and doors repaired or replaced so that the building can be secured. Memberships will have access to the building with pass cards that can then be traced to the user’s time and date.

Also during the meeting, discussion on purchasing Pelorus software for accounting in the office resulted in tabling while council members studied the services proposal presented by Pelorus.

Chase Huggard then thanked the city for the donation of support he received to attend Governor’s Honor Academy.

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