Castle Dale City Reinstates Fire Chief


By Julie Johansen

Ignacio Arrien was reinstated as Castle Dale City’s Fire Chief during their April meeting Thursday evening. Former Chief Brittni Moreno had submitted a letter of resignation to the city.  Arrien had served as chief before Moreno and accepted the position once again. He then gave a report on the fire department, stating that they have 12 members, but 4.5 are fire-trained fighters, so in reality they are only 40% overall ready, but will be retraining. Their gear is adequate and ready for fire fighters.

Other business to come before the city council was the adoption of a new logo and approving the branding of the city and business district in Castle Dale. This is being funded with a $13,000 Main Street grant. Then Mayor Danny Van Wagoner presented tentative plans for the empty space west of the new Castle Dale Building. This would include a decorative cement wall, xeriscaping with a canopy and tables set about 27 feet back from the sidewalk. Approval was also given to reseal the parking lot south of the new building.

Maintenance foreman Arrien announced that a full time and a part time city employee are moving in May and need to be replaced, so there are retentions and recruitments in his department. He has obtained help for the crossing guard and seasonal employees.

Mayor Van Wagoner is serving in the EMS District for Castle Dale City. He will be attending the Service District meeting and working closely with Orangeville, as Castle Dale has no ambulance. He reported call out and hours of service for the seven EMTs in Castle Dale and Orangeville. He also reported his realization of the service and sacrifice these EMTs are giving.

David Waite requested a donation for Boys State and the city responded with a $100 donation. Emery High FFA will be hosting their Farm Field Day at the Blue Sage Arena on April 29.

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