Castle Dale Library Bids Farewell to Roxanne Jensen, Loraine Cloward


Press Release

July 2, 1990 began the library career of Roxanne Jensen. Hired as the first librarian in Elmo for $5 per hour, it was the highest paying job she had ever had, and at the time, the county paid once per month. 

Bonnie Day was hired as her assistant. Together, they typed and copied every catalog card, put up the shelving, selected the books and opened the library for the community.

In 1995, Jensen transferred to the Ferron Library and worked with Dorothy Taylor. In 2000, she transferred to the Castle Dale Library, working with the Emery County Director of the time, Jerilyn Mathis, and she became the Branch Manager after Odessa Jones retired. Jaki Collard was her first assistant.

“I have worked with some of the best people in the world,” Jensen said.

Jensen has hand-typed catalog cards, licked check out pockets and hand stamped many due dates. She was there when the first computers were put in. Jensen has handled thousands of books, and no, she has not read every one of them.

She has told stories to many children and has run a very successful book club for adults for many years. Jensen has been a cataloger and was the Assistant County Director for a few years with Carole Larsen as the Emery County Director. 

“It’s amazing how fast 31 years have come,” Jensen said. “This is the funnest job. I learn something almost everyday. I have loved helping all who come through the library doors. I hope to see you often.”

For almost two years, Jensen worked with Loraine Cloward, who incidentally also left on Sept. 17 to take care of her family. 

“I have enjoyed serving the community during my time at the Castle Dale Library,” Cloward said. “Thank you for letting me get to know you. Working here has been my lifetime dream job. I hope to continue bumping shoulders with the patrons. I have lived in Castle Dale all my life, it is my home, and I have always tried to do my very best in every way to make this community better by my presence. May it continue in every way. I love you all!”

Jensen and Cloward take with them many fond memories and wish the local community all the best. 

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