Castle Heights Announces “I Can Read Anytime, Anywhere” Photo Contest Winners

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Press Release

Castle Heights students found that they can read here or there; they can read most anywhere! As a part of their reading incentive program, fifth grade students took photos of themselves reading in unusual places. With their parent’s permission and help, creative students read in the woods, on a pogo stick, while riding a bike, on the roof and so many other places.

The point of the activity is to help students remember to take a book with them everywhere they go and to read whenever they have a spare minute. In addition, students competed to see who could read the most pages throughout the month.

“I was incredibly impressed with our students’ ingenuity; they made the contest exciting. I couldn’t wait to look at my email every morning to see what they had sent in,” said Renee Pressett, Castle Height’s reading specialist.

Some of the contest winners were Kody Christensen, Aspyn Lyons, Lola Lasslo, Elias Harmer, Dayan Kunz and Chloe Stephens.

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