2024 Carbon County Fair Will be “Better Than Before”


The Carbon County Fair returned in August to the county fairgrounds. Carbon County Human Resources Assistant Kourtney Cox stated that the fair was successful and that the fair organizers were very happy with the turnout. There were ample crowds, participants and vendors, she said.

Due to the positive experience, the county is now in the process of planning the 2024 fair, with a few changes. For the most part, the same faces are returning for the planning stages, though Cox stated that there are a few new ones that will help with the process as well.

This year, after the fair took place, two surveys were administered; one to the vendors and one to the public. The fair organizers took this feedback into consideration, primarily the public’s, and one thing that was voiced often was that there needs to be more consistent entertainment.

This year, there was a concert and various presentations, such as the HypnoHick, on the amphitheater stage. However, there is a stage in the park as well and there is a desire for entertainment on that stage throughout the weekend. The county is going to work on bringing in more acts to put on a show.

Another topic that was voiced was that people really desire a carnival. “What’s a fair without a carnival?” Cox questioned.

Fair organizers are contacting as many contacts as they can to attempt to bring a carnival to the area. Though they are in the process of working on that, Cox stressed that they cannot guarantee it, but it is something that they would love to incorporate into the weekend.

Other feedback from both the public and the vendors was that there are too many events that are too close together, all crammed into the end of the summer. Along with the events, people are paying for school fees and school supplies, making it an expensive and busy time. The county was asked to consider different dates.

This is something that was deliberated for some time, as they did not want to conflict with other events within the community or go into the school year. With this in mind, the fair for 2024 will be moved to the weekend of May 30 and June 1. If that goes well, they hope to regularly schedule the fair for the first weekend in June.

Finally, Cox announced that the theme for 2024 will be “Better Than Before.” The fair was brought “Back in the Saddle” in 2023 and they are hoping to make it even better next year. The county’s goal is to meet or exceed the community’s and vendors’ expectations.

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