Castle Heights Elementary Competes in Second Constitution Bee in Carbon County


Fifth grade students at Castle Heights Elementary competed in a Constitution Bee sponsored by the Price Lions Club on Wednesday.

Members of the Price Lions Club distributed copies of the Constitution to the fifth grade students prior to the competition.

Lions Club President Barry Cook as well as members Leonard Miller, Karl Wood and Mike Furner, and Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo were in attendance at the events.

Mayor Piccolo gave the winners free passes to the wave pool. He spoke to the students about the importance of them embarking on the journey of know what the Constitution is and how our country is run.

Mikell Furner finished in first place, Tommy Dalpaiz in second place, Ayden Greenhalgh in third place, Carter Aldridge in fourth place and Ryler Barker finished in fifth place.

Other students that competed in the Constitution Bee were Josh Scovill, Alyssa Ellis, Paige Stewart, Josh Loveland, Lucas McDaniel, Cheyanne Ware, Kaydance Scovill and Craig Olson.

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