Castle Heights Knights Honor Their Very Own Veteran


While many celebrations were hosted throughout Carbon and Emery counties on Veterans Day, Castle Heights Elementary (CHE) students chose to highlight their very own special veteran.

William (Bill) Bates is well-known in the halls of CHE as he has taught physical education for many years. However, before that time, Bates also served in the United State Army as a young man. He reflected on his time served, stating that he was deployed to France. Bates stated that, without joining the army, he doubted if he would have ever had the chance to visit Europe.

To commemorate his service, the students gathered together to each sign a piece of paper that thanked Bates for his service, with many expressing their love for the veteran. Many of these signed papers were then utilized to decorate the school’s gymnasium.

Along with the caring notes, Bates was also gifted with a flower arrangement.

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