Castle Heights Students Put on Their Hats to Support Classmate


Hats of every size, color, shape and style adorned the heads of the Castle Heights Elementary school students, faculty, staff and volunteers Tuesday.

They were В donning their hats in support of Katelynn Sanderson who is a first grader in Mrs. Haddock’s class at Castle Heights.

Sanderson is in need of heart surgery and she and her family are in Wisconsin for the procedure. В While the family waits, the cost of travel and day-to-day expenses are piling up.

Students were asked to bring a dollar or more for the privilege of wearing a hat to school for the day. Even with only 550 students more than $1,100 was raised through the “hats on for Katelynn” event. Any one wishing to help can drop off donations to the office at Castle Heights Elementary School.


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