Castle Ridge Behavioral Health Opens for In-Patient Treatment


Ribbon cutting for Castle Ridge Behavioral Health on April 27, 2022.

Press Release

A newly-remodeled behavioral health treatment center offering in-patient services has opened its doors to the residents of Utah and beyond. The recently-remodeled 1910 Castle Dale Schoolhouse has been redesigned to treat those with mental health and substance use disorders. With 15 beds in the facility, this will be a valuable resource for those seeking treatment.

Donn Jeffs, Co-Director of Castle Ridge Behavioral Health, said, “This facility has been a labor of love and we hope to help those struggling with mental health, substance use and/or PTSD, to recover in the beautiful southeast part of the state.” The center will treat anxiety, depression and substance use disorders as well as pornography and social media/gaming addictions. Jeffs continued, “We wanted to create a place where people can heal and offer holistic treatments, treatment options that include mental, physical and emotional healing factors.”

Treatment plans will be individualized for each client and will include a multitude of different psychiatric therapies, detox practices, foot zoning, infrared sauna sessions, physical therapy, nature therapy and foot zoning. All clients will also be served a full mediterranean diet while in the program. All services and treatments will be provided by licensed clinicians and providers focusing on mental health and substance use recovery from Eastern Utah.

With mental health treatment resources scarce across the state, this center offers beds that our community desperately needs. “I knew that building when it was a museum and schoolhouse, living in the community,” said Christine Watkins, Utah House of Representatives District 69. “What they have done to revitalize that beautiful piece of Castle Dale history is miraculous, but to know we will now have the residential behavioral health services our community desperately needs is a blessing. I can’t think of a better family to establish this treatment center, who will work hard and create an open and welcoming atmosphere focused on healing.”

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