Castle Valley Pageant Expected to Be a Crowd Pleaser


The Castle Valley Pageant comes once again, to tell the story of how Carbon and Emery Counties were settled. The pageant will go on August 2-4 and August 7-11, starting around 8:30 p.m.

The pageant has been going on for 33 years and first started off as a ward program, but then grew into something bigger. В Montel Seely was the author and inspiration of the pageant.

Ron Sanders, director of the pageant for about 7 years, talked about how each year he has seen growth in the pageant.

“Every year the pageant is great. Even when it’s rained, we have stayed and done the pageant. I dont think we have ever had a bad year in the pageant.” said Sanders.

He went on to explain that the venue can seat around 3,000 people, and that last year they probably had around 26,000 spectators over the course of the pageant.

Sanders said that on a Tuesday or Wednesday you can get a really good seat, but if you want to see the pageant on a Friday or Saturday, get there early because it fills up fast!

The pioneer village starts around six, so you can come out early to get seats and take a look around the village. You can sample honey candy, homemadeВ ice creamВ and bread, get a prairie diamond, milk a cow, go on wagon rides and many other fun things in the pioneer village.

“I like the spirit you feel. I was just sitting around theВ tee peeВ and we were talking about the Book of Mormon and watching Christ be risen on the cross. It was just a cool experience,” saidВ IndianВ Chief Eddie Deto.

Cast member Morgan Thompson said, “I love getting to know the people in the pageant and I love the history.”

Many people come from all over the world to see this pageant. В The cast members and Director Sanders would like to encourage you to come out and have a good time!


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