Chamber Celebrates Genoa Healthcare


The Carbon County Chamber of Commerce recognized Genoa Healthcare during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday afternoon. The pharmacy welcomed the community to a celebration of a new partnership with Four Corners Behavioral Health.

“We are so excited to be a part of their care team and part of this community,” said Robyn Howe, Director of Pharmacy Operations at Genoa Healthcare.

Genoa Healthcare has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years and is part of the larger Optum Healthcare and United Health Group. The company was founded on the goal to help behavioral health patients and substance use disorder communities combat many of the challenges and barriers they often face when trying to adhere to their medications. The unique business model also assists those with complex health conditions and those that are underserved.

“We focus on, first of all, a great partnership,” Howe said, referencing the partnership with Four Corners. “This allows coordination of care and the ability to have an on-site relationship with providers and patients. That allows us to very effectively ensure the patients are receiving the best pharmacy care possible.”

Genoa Healthcare puts an emphasis on prescription adherence through its convenient packaging. The company offers pre-filled pill organizers, which are reported to increase adherence to over 90% and decrease hospitalizations related to medication mishaps.

Genoa Health is on the Four Corners Behavioral Health campus in Price, located at 77 South 600 East, Suite P. For more information, contact Genoa at (844) 302-1504 or visit

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