Changes at Price City Library


Press Release from Price City

Patrons at the Price City Library will soon see dramatic changes. Most visible of thosechanges will be the elimination of the familiar but confusing Dewey Decimal System. “We are eliminating the familiar Dewey Decimal System and will be filing books bycategory similar to a book store,” said librarian Norma Procarione. “I think patrons will find it much more intuitive, it will be more of a common sense system.”

Books in the children’s room are mostly reorganized and little readers will find books easier to access and in some cases are now located in plastic tubs low to the ground.

“They are stacked in the tubs facing forward so kids can leaf through them easily,” said Procarione. “Books in the room are now filed according to category.” Visitors to the children’s room will find non-fiction books filed by categories, such as animals, transportation (monstertrucks for instance), or by holiday such as Halloween and Christmas. Fiction category books are filed by author.

“It has taken us a full month to complete the children’s room and I think it will take another couple of months to complete the remainder of the library,” said Procarione. She explained there may be some disarray in the library during the changes and it’s possible that books on the same shelf could be filed using both systems.

The filing change is the current trend in many libraries. It is meant to eliminate what Procarione describe “the mysticism of the Dewey Decimal System,” and create a more comfortable, comfy atmosphere.

The new filing system is probably not the only change coming to the library.

“We are going through a needs assessment for the library. We have had great participation by residents and I believe the process will result in a better, more friendly place for patrons,” she explained. “We will still have a library but it could look differently than it does now.”


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