Christine Watkins Discusses New Local Administrating Advisor Role


Christine Watkins was in attendance during last week’s Helper City Council meeting to discuss her new role with the Association of Governments (AOG).

She explained that she has a new title with the AOG, which is Local Administrating Advisor. This is a brand new position that is funded through the legislature. There was a real push to get it as there are so many small, rural cities and towns that don’t have a lot of staff and are in need of assistance.

Watkins informed the council that she will act as a city planner or sorts. Though she’s never written a grant, she is taking a grant writing class. She also told the council that there is a workshop that is going to be hosted in Beaver in November for those from small communities to learn about many things, and grant writing is one of them.

Watkins then stated that she is willing to come back and reintroduce herself and her role when the new council seats change over. She provided her phone number and emails in order for the mayor and council to easily reach her for any needed assistance.

She then spoke briefly about the new building that the Southeast Utah Association of Local Governments (SEUALG) will be relocated to on Fairgrounds Road. There are a number of new employees that will be stationed there alongside Watkins.

Helper Mayor Lenise Peterman congratulated Watkins on her new venture and stated that she is looking forward to working with her.

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