Christine Watkins is Utah’s New State Representative for House District 69


Christine Watkins was recently elected over incumbent Brad King to be Utah’s Republican Representative for House District 69. While busily working through the post-election weeks, she took time to visit ETV 10 News to speak about how she plans to better the district while in office.

The main concern on Watkins’ mind is the recent flooding in Wellington. According to Watkins, it has been said that people are working on this issue. However, that same thing was said to citizens two years ago when they were similarly devastated by flooding, and a resolution was not reached then, which contributed to flooding a second time. She stresses that this is not the fault of the people. Watkins plans to soon check in with Wellington City Mayor Joan Powell to see what progress has been made.

“I am going to be a bulldog on that one,” Watkins stated.

Another continuing topic that Watkins plans to address is economics. She believes that America now has a president that will not fight against economic development in rural Utah, which will hopefully bring a brighter future. Changes may be made in the control that the EPA has, which Watkins believes is huge for District 69. To her, that should have happened within the last eight years and did not.

Watkins is a self-proclaimed supporter of strong families, which is something that she plans to demonstrate. What can we do to teach and support the bread winners in families? Is it a matter of just getting through high school? These are questions that she has been asking herself. Helping people see the importance of schooling and how it can affect what they earn is a long-term goal for Watkins.

Another issue that Watkins wants to support in any way possible, financially or with other resources, is to aide organizations that are working hard to combat the abuse of prescription narcotics. Along with that, Watkins is a member of the chamber of commerce locally. She wants to do what she can do to support small business in rural Utah. She is in the belief that we now have a president that will take away some of the red tape that businesses have to deal with.

“I am accessible. I don’t have my government email yet, but my cell number is (435) 650-1969,” Watkins wanted the community to know. “They can call me. Once I get my email they will be able to email me. I answer my phone, I respond. I return calls and email. I will come to your house. Whatever it takes to help with issues. It isn’t just businesses or school districts that have issues that the government needs to help. I helped a lot of individual people.”

Watkins would also like to give a big thank you to everyone for their support and inform all that she is ready to work hard for them.

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