Circles Carbon County Seeking Volunteers

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Press Release

Circles Carbon County is asking for your support to become a volunteer. Circles has two goals: (1) to help individuals and families get out of poverty and (2) to remove the barriers that keep people in poverty. Our success depends upon building strong connections between people and resources within our community.

Circle Leaders (participants) are matched with Allies (intentional friendships) who befriend, encourage and support families on their own paths out of poverty. These intentional friendships help those seeking long-term stability build the human capacity that allows families and communities to thrive.

Circles isn’t about quick fixes or handouts. Circles is a long-term program that equips families and individuals with the relationships, confidence, skills, and knowledge required to be self-reliant.

Circle Leaders (participants) work on creating SMART goals, complete financial literacy classes, learn the needed tools to be successful in employment and more. The childcare programming at Circles consists of teaching the children about bullying, building relationships, communication, emotional health, goal setting and, on an age appropriate level, a little about what mom and dad are doing in their classes.

Circles Carbon County is asking for volunteers, including Allies, volunteers to help prepare meals for weekly meetings, volunteers for childcare programming and volunteers for our resource teams. For Circles to be successful, it takes the support of all of our community members. Together, we can make a difference.

Circles meetings are held Wednesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m at 252 South Fairgrounds Road in Price. Dinner is provided for all participants and volunteers. If you are interested in becoming an Ally or volunteer, you can contact Julie Rosier at (435) 613-0065.

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