CJC’s Tifani Marasco Named Employee of the Month


For the month of April, the Carbon County Employee of the Month was announced as Tifani Marasco. She was honored at the Wednesday evening commission meeting, presented by Carbon County Human Resources Director Kellie Payne.

Marasco has been an employee at the Children’s Justice Center (CJC) since 2015. CJC Director Shelly Wright stated that the reason she nominated Marasco is because from when she started in 2015 to now, she has grown tremendously, not only as an employee, but as a person.

Wright explained that she has witnessed the growth in her and knew that she was going to do well with the Parent Education Curriculum that is underway at the center. Marasco teaches the parenting classes and has been absolutely amazing, according to Wright.

It was explained that at times, the parents that attend these classes are not necessarily pleased to be there, but they leave with more knowledge than they had when they arrived. Marasco does her best to ensure that these parents have the best experience possible.

“You’re very much deserving of this,” Wright concluded.

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