Clampers Dedicate Plaque to Sunnyside Coking Operations


Recently, the Matt Warner Chapter 1900 of E Clampus Vitus (the Clampers) dedicated a plaque to the Kaiser Steel Company Mine and its facilities and the transport of coke from Sunnyside to Fontana, Calif.

The plaque displays information explaining coking operations, a brief Sunnyside coal mining history and information about coal trains from the Kaiser Steel Company. According to the dedication, Sunnyside mines were producing 3,000 tons of coal per day in 1909. Additionally, the coke ovens shipped over 30,000 tons of coke yearly with the help of over 800 coke ovens. The ovens worked for many years before shutting down in 1958.

The dedication is located by the monument near Miner’s Trading Post. The public is encouraged to view the plaque and learn more about the history of mining in Sunnyside.

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